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I am just so tired. I cry. Every day. Every damn day. I miss her so much I can't breathe at times. I'm sad. Always sad. It hurts and I can't make it stop. Everything makes me remember, remember her and that I don't have her anymore. No one to make it better. No one who is a best friend who'd never leave me, never want anything from me besides to be with me. I can't believe I left Arizona. I left her. She was so sad I left her. She cried for me when no one else did. She loved me no matter how depressed or angry or broke I was - and I just left her.

Why was I so selfish?

I miss her so much.

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Sara, I am so sorry. And you might not be in the space to hear this now. But you had to leave. She knew it, too. We all have to leave, some time, in some way.

I'm so sorry.

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